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  • What is Choreography?
    Our Choreography Class is labeled as such because our teachers base their individual styles and curriculums on different genres of dance, so we use Choreography as an over-arching term for an open-style dance class! We chose not to label these classes as just "Hip-Hop" or "Street Jazz" or "Femme" to avoid restricting our teachers and our dancers to one genre, so you can expect something a bit different from each class!
  • What level should I take?
    Our workshops are currently sorted into Beginning, Intermediate/Advanced, and All-Levels, though we hope to expand to more levels as we grow! What level you take is completely up to you and the challenge you want to take, but here's a quick guide to our levels. Beg: - Designed for those with little to no dance experience - Designed for those who wish to go back to basics Int/Adv: - Designed for those who have some dance experience - Designed for those who wish to challenge themselves All-Levels: - Designed for everyone to take away what they wish from the class - Expect to move a bit faster than an absolute beginner class, with the instructor giving different variations during class for students to choose their challenge level
  • What should I wear?
    Wear whatever is comfortable! We require shirts and appropriate footwear. For choreography and K-pop, we require indoor/studio sneakers or deeply cleaned sneakers, or we will ask that you dance in socks/barefoot; we wish to practice proper studio etiquette, which means we want to take proper care of our dance floor! For ballet and contemporary, we recommend ballet flats, turning shoes, foot underwear, or socks/barefoot.
  • What are indoor sneakers?
    Any shoe that is designated for indoor or studio use only. Any sneakers work as long as they are properly clean/cleaned.
  • What are price packs?
    Price packs allow you to buy class packs in bulk for a discounted price! When registering for a class, you can choose to pay individually or using one of the passes from your pack.
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