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Terms and conditions

By using our services, you agree to the following terms and conditions. "Victoria Ballet Campbell", "StudioVB", "school", "studio", or "we" refer to Victoria Ballet LLC. The terms "students", "participants", "parents", or "you" refer to the students of our studio or their parents, especially if the students are minors.

Annual programs

Annual programs consist of regular classes held throughout the year. The classes are structured similar to a school system:

  • Enrollment does not require booking; however, you are expected to attend at the designated day and time each week.

  • Our teachers provide a holistic approach to the care and instruction of students all year round.

  • There are no classes on designated holidays or planned vacations.

  • Tuition for the annual program must be paid before the program starts. However, we offer flexible payment options.

As of August 2023, our annual programs include:

Petit Ballet, Ballet 1/2/3 which run from August 2023 to August 2024 (12 months).

Annual Program Payment

We offer several payment options for annual programs:

  • Full payment (annual payment)

  • Two payments (semiannual payment)

  • Monthly payments. Please note, monthly payments are installments, with the annual tuition divided equally regardless of the number of classes each month.

The total amount paid through multiple installments can be greater than paying the annual tuition in a single payment, due to added processing fees.

Booking-based classes

Booking-based classes require advanced reservations. Please book at least 24 hours in advance. They are either trial classes or classes with specific lesson pricing plans.

As of August 2023, booking-based classes include:

  • Trial classes

  • K-pop and Contemporary classes

  • Adult ballet classes

  • Private lessons

Registration Fee

For each program, a registration fee is applicable.

As of August 2023:

  New students are charged a $80 registration fee, while returning students are exempted.



  • For individual class cancellations due to personal reasons like scheduling conflicts or minor illnesses, provide 24 hours notice to qualify for a make-up class. Discuss rescheduling with your teacher.

  • For program cancellations: Send us one month notice prior to the next payment date. Otherwise, the scheduled payment is due. Exceptions: For long-term health issues (with a doctor’s note) or if relocating beyond 20 miles from the current address (with evidence), immediate cancellations are accepted. A partial refund for the remaining classes will be given.

Make-up class

  • For absences due to personal reasons, we'll do our best to offer a make-up class, but cannot guarantee due to potential scheduling conflicts.

  • If the studio cancels a class unexpectedly, a make-up class will be scheduled. If missed, another make-up class will not be offered.

  • No make-up classes for planned vacations


Refunds are generally not provided. Exceptions are made only for immediate cancellations due to long-term health concerns or relocation. In all other situations, as determined by the studio, we offer make-up classes or credit towards tuition or dancewear.


Photo/Video Release

  • Unless you provide a written notice declining photo permissions, you consent to photos taken in the studio being used for our website, promotional, and marketing purposes. The photos may show identifiable faces but will be used respectfully and not for endorsement or political campaigns.

  • In cases of written refusal for photo use, we aren't liable for accidental uploads or usage of photos containing your face. While we strive for accuracy, mistakes can occur. If such incidents happen, we will take corrective measures, but accept no further liability.

Liability Release

You acknowledge that participating in dance activities carries inherent risks, including potential injuries. By enrolling in classes at Victoria Ballet LLC, you assume all risks associated and agree not to hold the studio, its instructors, or other employees liable for any injuries or damages you or the student may sustain.

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